Markway has a Rich History

Norbert Markway started building in 1945, after serving with the Navy SeaBees in the South Pacific during World War ll. During this time he built modest homes for returning servicemen.

In 1949, he started the Norbert Markway Construction Company, as a company with a reputation of providing the highest quality work at an affordable price. In the late 1950's Norbert designed one of the first "television rooms", known today as the family room, or great room. And the infamous "Cold War" would bring on construction of private fallout shelters.

He was never afraid to try new things, building swimming pools and metal structures, but always returned to his true passion of home remodeling and additions.

Working strictly on referrals and reputation over the years, he built Markway construction into a company respected, not only by clients, but also by members in the construction industry. This respect has shaped his view on the competition… "we have none!"

The 1970's brought forth the next generation. Under Norbert's mentoring, his sons Bert, Jeffrey and Mick entered the company. Bert worked with architects and on the commercial side of the company. Jeffrey, with degrees in architecture and design, worked on home additions and remodeling. While Mick entered the company as a carpenter; learning the business from the field up to the administrative level.

Continuing the family tradition, we are happy to see the third generation of Norbert's family ready to carry on the rich values of the Markway Construction Company.